My Voki’s question time!!!


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Ancient Olympics
Listen to KoKoBear and answer the questions below!
Who did the ancient Greeks dedicated the Olympic Games to?
When were the first Olympic Games?
What was the event in the ancient Olympic Games?
What did the winner receive for winning?

What games were added to the Olympic Games?
What year did the Olympic Games stop?
When did the Games begin again?
What new information have you learnt?

Term Three: Olympics!


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This Term we will be learning all about the Olympics! First the Year Ones completed the KW of a KWL and there were many questions asking “what are the Olympics?” I can’t wait to see what direction the children take their learning and what they want to find out more about! During this unit there will be a focus on change and what ever they want to learn more about they do need to identify changes that have occured! For example changes in a chosen sport, changes in the sports played at the olympics, changes in the Olympics over time etc

577 - Olympic Rings Texture

Our Minibeast PowerPoints


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Year One had a choice of how to present the information they found on their favourite Minibeast! Here are the PowerPoints that they created. They were able to type in the information they found under the relevant headings. They created their own titles, back grounds and effects. Year One were able to use Morgue files to find pictures, they saved the pictures into their own folder and inserted them into their PowerPoint! What a wonderful learning experience in many areas of the curriculum!

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