Being and Independent Learner


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This term we have been learning how to be an independent learner in our new learning space.
We have completed a Y-Chart identifying what being an independent learner sounds like, feels like and looks like in our new learning space. We have identified learning experts in the classroom that can help if we are confused about work or can help us log on to the computer if we experience a problem.

We are also organising our pop up restaurant ‘Amazing Fruit and Veggie Bar’.Year One and Two have been split into four groups; Advertising, diners, waiters and chefs. We are excited to be having a restaurant very early next term.

Please use this blog to see what we are doing in class.

Happy Learning

Mrs Bisby, Mrs Huy and Mrs Luff

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Independent learning is not talking to other people when you have to do your work and to listen to the teacher help her and take getting your word done early

Independent means focusing and concentrating on your work

biodiversity means if you kill a whole pile of snake the rats will take over.

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