Anzac Day


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Finding out about ANZAC Day

Click on the Anzac Day website link. “Finding Out about Anzac day” – Read through each section 1.Part 1: Australia and New Zealand. Part 2: War. Part 3: Defence Forces Part 4: ANZAC DAY. Once you have read through each part click on the next link to complete online activities.

Interactive Activities for ANZAC Day

Look at the Letters and pictures from Bryan Bernard Joseph Kiernan.
He was part of World War 1. Discuss what you notice about his letters home to his wife Rose. Make a comment about what ANZAC Day means to you in the comment section of the blog.

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Watch the you tube clip on the ‘Ode to Remember’ and listen to ‘The Last Post’. Why is this so important to ANZAC Day ceremonies each year? Comment in the comment section on the blog.

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