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We are researching the life of Saints.
Learning Intention: To research the life of a Saint.
To understand that Saints are ordinary people who did miraculous things in their life.
Success Criteria: I will be successful if I research a Saint.
I will be successful if I use my QUIP to put my research into key words about the life of my Saint.
I will be successful if I complete an open-minded portrait about my Saint.

Below you have websites to search your information on Saints and videos to watch about the life of a Saint. When you complete your open-minded portrait on your Saint remember to write from your Saints point of view. Remember to think about what special qualities your Saint might have that gives them the strength to do miraculous things. Remember to fill out your Quip about your Saint to help with your information report and research poster about your Saint.

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Saint Mary MacKillop

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Saints website


For more Saints videos please click on the religion page.

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Saints are loving and kind to others.
They do God’s work.

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