What is Science?


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We are learning about Science in Year Two. To start we have asked children to write what they think science is! See comments below.

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I think science is stuff that makes our lives easier like washing machines and how good and fast they can clean our clothes.

Science is how things work and change in your life. Stoves have changed from using fire to using electricity.

I think science makes things change and makes things work differently, for example, cars in the olden days did not have seatbelts and scientist made cars safer with them.

We think that Science is everything that uses electricity. Science is like magic because it uses potions. We also think that a lava lamp is an example of Science because they work without people having to move all the bubbles around.

I think science is how things work what is inside of something electricity how medicines is made how where names made up of some things that you belive in and oars real

Science is how things work, what makes things easier, how clothing has changed, how house hold things have changed and how technology has changed.

I have learnt liquids and chemicals are used in science .
Science is also helping our universe today. Sciences create better things.

I think science is everything around us because science is everything that moves.

I think that science means that scientists made things safer than the olden days.

Science is about potions. Science is about how technology has changed like typewriters-computers and heaters and coolers.

I love science

I think science is everything around us and i think science is about potions.

I think science is everything around us like windmills and heaters.

I think science is like the ocean because it is really big.

I learnt that science go to the deep sea to see new animals and call the name and science make medicine to help people when they are sick.

I think science is about making medicine and seeing beautiful creators and how technology changed like typewriters and rotary phones and they changed typewriters to computers

I think Science is when technology and chords are involved. It is also electricity.

I think that science means making things easy for us and science is experiments and it make things safe.

Science is all about potions and things that lights up. Science is everything in the world.

I think science is about chemical waste and I also think science is magic.

Science is in our everyday life and it means everything.

Science is magic potions. I know that Science is everything in the world.

I love god
I have been good

I think I will see insects and bugs.

I think I will see insects and maybe a stick insect

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