Noah’s Ark


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This term we are studying weather and it’s effects on the environment. Watch the video clip about ‘Noah’s Ark’. In the comments section describe the feelings and strength of Noah. Complete a Character self portrait about Noah in your reading book, add quotes, fears, strengths of Noah.

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Noah would be feeling very scared and worried about the flood. He knew that God was going to protect him and his family.

I feel scared of the flood but I know that God is going to protect us from the flood.

I am scared of people being rude to me

I feel sad because the other people might get hurt because of the rain. I wish that the people believe in god.

Noah was worried but brave at the same time. He saved a lot of the clean and unclean animals because of his ark.

I am frightened that there is a big journey.
I am doing this because I believe in god.

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