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Research what ‘Biodiversity’ means using the websites provided. Write a definition for ‘Biodiversity’ in the comment section.


What is Biodiversity?

Learning About Biodiversity.

Biodiversity at a glance.

St. Peter’s Sustainability Blog

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I think that biodiversity is about the lifecycle of things and about animals in the world. For example lizards can eat the bugs we don’t like.

Biodiversity means that the environment can be broken.

The different aspects of plants, animals and people all have a very strong influence on each other

Seventy-five percent of the earths surfaces is water. The rest of the water is salt water.

Some animals that live in the rainforest:
.stick insects
.praying mantis

Biodiversity is a great and handy system of animals,humans and plants . The system of a snake is for it to eat rats so we don’t have a rat problem and so we can have a happy life.A bee system is to not kill bees or all the plants will die and we have no oxygen.

Biodiversity means don’t kill other animals because they wont have any food .

i think biodiversity is animals and plants also humans. it can also be about keeping our world safe and keeping

plants and trees safe we need to cleen up our mess beacause our invirement will be derty and we will die and the animals will die and we dont whant that to happen because we love our world with animas and humens also the other things on our world.

bidiversity is the world and all the animals.
its also about humens not killing animals
and keeping animals safe and sound so they cant die some of the animals are:

rats and birds

Biodiversity can effect our life if a thing goes wrong. If herbs die then herbivores die then carnivores die then after a while everything will die. Biodiversity is about species of animals and where they live. Biodiversity includes things about habitats.
animals in the polar region
killer whales
polar bears
artic fox
leopard seal

I think that biodiversity means like your behaviour and how you treat the world.
For example if we did not have any snakes we would have a rat problem in our homes.
If we did not have any bees we would not have and honey or plants and this would be affecting people’s lives because we would not have any air to breath.
We are lucky that we have frogs that eat the annoying bugs like all the flies and little moths. It’s also good that we have butterflies cause they fix the flowers.

I think biodiversity is that every animal is different and plants help us like a tree giving us air.

Biodiversity, short for biological diversity, is the term used to describe the variety of life found on earth and all of natural processes

Biodiversity means like where do humans,animals and plants live like for example if we don’t have any trees we won’t have any air to breath so we will die.And if there isn’t any insects the animals that eats insects will die and if there isn’t any animals and meat for the carnivores and omnivores they will die and it will keep on happening and then there will be nothing at all this world so that’s why God wants us to keep this world and the environment safe.

Biodiversity means that if you take away an animal then
all the others will go also means that you should
help endangered species and other animals.

I think biodiversity means that we should help the creatures that live in our world by building new habitats for them, planting more trees for them and caring for them. If you take away the insects from the animal’s habitats then the animals will die or go away.

Biodiversity means that we look after the earth and the animals that survive and we also look after ourselves. Re-plant the trees so that we make new homes for the animals that live in trees but if we don’t plant the trees again the animals that live in the trees will die. No more animals will be in the planet any more. We also have to look after the sea life because some fishes die. If we litter in the ground and then there is a big storm the wind will blow the trash on the ground and the fishes will die.

I think biodiversity is a varity of animals in our world.

biodiversity means don’t kill other animals or the other animals won’t have any food

biodiversity mean that if you kill 1`000 snakes there
will be too many rats.

biodiversity means that if we killed rabbits fox’s will die.

What biodiversity is…. like where a lot of different humans, animals and plants live and what they feed on. If we don’t have any plants animals and humans won’t survive, for example, if we don’t have any plants all of us and the animals won’t have any air and if we don’t have any air to breath we would die. There are different animals in different conutries like for example the polar bears can’t live in the warm or water.
I think that genetic means like there is different types of animals and there isn’t just one type of animal.

Biodiversity is short for biological diversity. It includes the eco-systems which can effect our lives, like if we didn’t have snakes we will have a terrible rat problem. Genetic is also included, genetic means the different types of animals like there are pugs and there are huskies, they are different because pugs are small and huskies are big. Genetic means different.

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