Jesus Calms the Storm


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Watch the clip on Jesus Calms the Storm. Answer the following questions;
1. What is the difference between the four gospel stories of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
2. Why did Jesus sleep through the storm?
3. Why did the Disciples wake Jesus?
4. How were the Disciples feeling during the storm?
5. What did Jesus say to calm the storm?
6. Why was Jesus upset that the Disciples woke him?

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Jesus calms the storm.

One day Peter, John and the rest of the disciples were on a big boat sailing across the sea. Then Jesus awoke from his sleep and told the disciples to calm down because it was raining and they were worried that the boat was going to sink. So Jesus spoke to the lord and the storm stopped.

Jesus said he was going to go to the hills to pray. He said that the disciples would go across sea while he was praying. The disciples went across sea and the further they went from shore the stronger the wind got. Then the wind was so strong that the boat broke. Then Jesus walked across the water and calmed the storm.

Jesus calms the storm.

In the story I learnt that Jesus wants us to not be afraid of anything and that we should have a bit of faithfulness in our lives.

Jesus loves us so that’s why he saved Peter so don’t stop believing.

It was a normal day at the hills. Jesus was telling stories about his miracles and sick people were well and sad people were happy. Then in evening everyone left the hills and Jesus and his disciples went on a boat across sea. Jesus fell asleep on the boat while the disciples survived the giant terrible storm. Th y nearly died under the water but Jesus woke up and saved their lives.

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