Melbourne Storms- Christmas 2011


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Watch the Channel 10 News clip about the storms that hit Melbourne on Christmas Day 2011. Answer the follwing questions;
1. How big were the hail stones?
2. How much rain fell in Greensborough?
3. How strong was the wind?
4. Why was the storm so bad?
5. How was the storm formed?
6. Why is it important for you to look after your pets, dogs and cats in a storm?

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Jesus saved Peter because he loves us all no matter what happens or what you do he still loves everyone.

The hail stones were masev and had.heps in greensborough.the wind was so stroing.the storm was so bad because rafle had.the storm was forms as big drops.because thay coled get sokt.


storms are really bad.

once I was in the car and my mum was driving and there was a flash of lightning and it looked so bright!

I think it is important to keep your pets safe in a storm because it could kill them.):

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