Living and Non Living Things


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Watch the video and record in your discovery book what living and non living things mean. Draw a T-Chart and draw pictures to show your understanding of living and non living things.

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Living things can breathe, move and grow. Non-living things cannot breathe, cannot communicate, cannot move they can’t do anything. Why they can’t do anything? Well it’s because it does not have a system, they’re not alive. Plants are alive. The leaves have little holes called stomata. They breath with stomata.

I think plants are very useful because they give air and food.So I think we should cut less trees and help more trees.Living things are animal that reproduce food.People eat or drink the food that have bean made by animals like bees make honey and cows make milk.Plants are all so living things that can grow like us.

Living things can breath, walk and talk. Non living things can not do anything and
they can’t move as well as living things can. They can’t do anything
that makes your body move.

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