At Home Learning Activities and Search Engines

Please make sure you read every night. It does not matter if you read or listen to a book online or listen to or read a book from the shelf, just read! Choose a topic that interests you. Read for enjoyment. It is important to learn a love of reading and that comes when we learn about topics or stories that interest us. What interests you? What do you want to learn about?

Listen to reading? (videos, books read to you, documentaries) Read to Self? (read online or read a book)

love reading

Here are some good safe search engines for children to use.
KidRex: It is heavily filtered and aimed at a young age group. However when it comes to children and search engines… adult supervision is the key!







Click on the picture below to get onto Studyladder. Put in your username and password and have a go at the learning activities. There are set tasks that relate to what we have been doing in class… for example in mathematics there are money problems and collecting data activitites!

World Book Online: search topics of interests 🙂 Read the pages to your parents. Ask Questions using the question starters how, when, where, why and what and find answers! This shows great comprehension skills. Locating answers, scanning text, locating facts, rereading for meaning and building knowledge!

world book online

Mathematic sites

Click on the image on the left to get onto Maths Builder.
Complete level one and if that is easy have ago at level 2.
There are lots of number problems to solve, similar to what we have been doing in the classroom!
Matching numbers to pictures, 10 more or less that a given number, counting patterns, money problems and a lot more.




A challenge!Can you make the set number taking numbers away or adding numbers???
Click on the picture and have a go!





Where do numbers belong on a hundreds chart?



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