Our Minibeast Projects


Posted by cbisby | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on June 7, 2012

This term the children were given the opportunity to choose a minibeast and a presentation mode for a project. Most children chose to do a PowerPoint, one child a Kizoa slide show and the others a nonfiction book. Other presentation modes were suggested video documentary, poster, pamphlet etc

Here is Cidelle’s completed Kizoa slide show

PowerPoints will be uploaded soon, as the children are currently revising! Nonfiction books are currently being put together in an order that they choose. Next the nonfiction book group will consider the contents of their contents page and design an eye catching front cover!

The year ones have experienced amazing learning in all areas and are very pleased with what they have created  as am I!

We look forward to updating this post and showing you our learning!

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